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Town Center

The Town Center area of the development is envisioned to replicate the traditional "Downtown Main Street" with a variety in size, use and architecture with opportunities for dining, entertainment, recreation, personal services, office, retail, loft living and more.  The master plan is designed for easy and safe pedestrian traffic with ample parking throughout the 18 acre Town Center District.

The Town Center is laid out in 4 symmetrical quadrants each consisting of 4.6 acres supporting 3 separate building pods of approximately 15,000 ground level square feet each.  Subdividing each 4.6 acre quadrant is possible.  With Zero side yard setbacks, each building pod could be subdivided into separate ownership buildings as small as 2000 square feet. 

In total, the Town Center District is approximately 18.4 acres that would accommodate approximately 180,000 ground level square feet  with opportunities for additional upper level square footage.

Architectural styles that are typically found in Downtown "Main Streets" will govern the facade design.  


See architectural examples here:

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